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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Bathroom Story

   Let me begin by saying the restrooms at Picacho State Park are about the best I have ever seen for a state park. Probably the best public restroom anywhere for that matter. Big, spacious, lots of stalls, fancy automatic faucets and flushers, and all with very nice tile work. The showers are equally nice, clean,  modern, with teak wood benches and best of all, instant hot water. You have to continually remind yourself "this is a public shower" so you don't want to be dropping your soap.
   When I first arrived, I checked out the facilities. I always do. It's nice to know ahead what you will be up against. I peeked into a shower stall, was impressed and then noticed a turquoise and silver ring setting on the bench. I picked it up, looked it over and it appeared near new. I replaced it on the bench thinking the owner would soon be back after realizing something was missing from his finger. Later in the day I went back to actually use the facilities and peeked in the same shower stall again. The ring was still there. I tried it on. It fit perfectly. But I'm not a ring and jewelry person so I put it back on the bench wondering how long it was going to take for this guy to notice his ring was missing.
   The next morning before leaving I would make use of the restroom one more time before hitting the road. I thought that if the ring was still there, then perhaps it was meant to be that I should have it. I'll just wear it for a while and eventually give it to someone I meet in my travels. As I walked around the bend to the front I saw the restrooms were being cleaned. Well, for sure, the ring is gone now, I thought. Probably the maintenance crew will turn it in to the visitor center. Just then the campground host wheeled up in his golf cart. "Good morning", he said. "Sorry, but the bathrooms are being cleaned now. You'll have to go to the next one up the road." I told him that was fine. Then he continued, "The Boy Scouts made a mess in there and we're having them clean the restrooms."
   I looked and sure enough, Boy Scouts were milling around the men and women's restrooms with rubber gloves on, cleaning tools and bottles of chemicals in their hands. The first thing that came to my mind was "Well, maybe they will earn a merit badge for this." The campground host said, "Maybe they will learn a lesson." "We can only hope" I replied.
   Boy Scouts! My goodness, what is this world coming to? And I thought you could trust a Boy Scout. Probably one of the little buggers had a brand new Indian ring in his pocket.

Billboard seen promoting Arizona recreation:
Kids do not remember their best day of watching television.
Take a kid fishing. 

Gets my vote for best billboard of the year award.


  1. ha ha! wonder what the boy scouts did that was so bad... okay, i don't really want to know...

  2. When I did a road trip back and forth across the country (eh-hem, 3 times in 2 months covering 18,000 miles), I found the AZ facilities to be quite nice. Like twg, I'm wondering what the Boy Scouts did, too.

    I really love your blog!

  3. Boy scouts? Good Grief what is this world coming to. Like your billboard.

  4. Not too surprised the Boy Scouts got themselves in trouble. So many times they're not very well supervised.

  5. I'm curious too on what they did. Neat how you found a sign with Sinbad's name on it! Absolutely you can mention me and link back to me concerning Fairbanks - I'd be flattered!

  6. Regarding the boy scouts, this was not my only encounter with them. Later on in Texas I ran into another batch of the little pests. Why don't we ever see girl scouts out in campgrounds and the like? I think they would be much less of a nuisance.

    Thank you for stopping by and viewing my blog. The morning I posted this, I saw my followership drop by one. "Now what did I say?"


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