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Monday, April 25, 2011

Birds Galore

I noticed an abundance of birds right around our camp, and I thought I'd try my luck.
Then this guy showed up. I thought some one's pet bird had escaped.
He was near my neighbor's camp. I went next door and found out what he was...a pyrrhuloxia.
 Yeah, I can't pronounce it. It is also known as the Desert Cardinal. That is much easier to remember.

I also found out why all the birds. My neighbors had a feeder out.
He liked his cherries.
My neighbors were from Indiana and had been on the road for months towing a U-Haul type enclosed trailer around behind their car, using the trailer as living and sleeping quarters. That is cheap RV living. I didn't think it right to take a photo of their RV'ing lifestyle so here is a picture of their cat. The man was from Germany and the cat had a German name that began with "K" and "T" and meant something tiger. I couldn't pronounce it and they said he goes by KT. That was fine with me. KT preferred to be in his cage. I know Sinbad would not like that at all.


  1. nice catches on the birds. i liked the thrasher(?) photos. love that bill and tail!

    poor KT kitty...

  2. At first glance I thought you had Sinbad in a cage, but when I looked closer I could see that it isn't him. I've heard of people out camping and their small pets being picked up by Eagles, owls, hawks and vultures. At least this cat is safe from them. Nice shots on the birds.

  3. I wonder what it is about birds that we humans love watching them. the desert cardinal is gorgeous. it resembles our cedar waxwing. oh, maybe not, just the tuft on the top of the head I guess.
    KT is a beautiful cat, but he has no binky in his cage. poor guy. did he and Sinbad meet?
    great photos John.
    (I'm wondering if my blog loaded slowly for you due to the size of the photos I posted? they're larger than usual. I changed the setting on my camera, and I'm glad you said something.)

  4. So many birds, and you seemed to of found them all. Poor kitty in the cage. I guess he does feel safe in there. Birds will not nab him up, or he won't be lost. Sinbad leads a pampered life with sleeping anywhere he wants in your motorhome. Who would be more street wise, Sinbad or the caged cat?

  5. That's a lot of birds! I don't have the patience to photograph them or the stealth! :)

  6. Beautiful cardinal. I feel for that poor cat.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. Don't feel bad for KT. He was a very happy well mannered cat, and socialable too unlike someone else we know. He got to roam around on a long lead if he wished, but really seemed to like his cage. He had a suspended hammock-like bed inside, you can see it behind him, and a cover for the entire cage to keep the sun off of him plus give him a sense of security, thus he could sleep unconcerned.

    T.B. - Normally taking pictures of birds is an issue with me for the very same reasons you mentioned. But this was like shooting fish in a barrel (well sort of). Because of the feeder nearby, the birds let down their normal fear response.

    This reminds me of back in Cave Creek Canyon near Portal. I forgot to mention about feeders there. In the past campers would hang out syrup feeders for the hummingbirds. Now the park service has issued a ban on that. It seems that the hummingbird feeders were attracting bears and some problems developed between the bears and campers.

  8. What fun I've been having scrolling backwards though your travels with Sinbad ...
    great pics...fun reading....thanks ...


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