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Friday, April 15, 2011

Bisbee, Arizona

We left Tombstone and soon found ourselves in Bisbee. There alongside the highway was this huge hole in the ground. I had to stop.
I discovered this was the Queen Copper Mine. It was one of the richest copper mines in history. It began operation in 1877, yielded 8 billion pounds of copper and then mining ceased 95 years later when the mineral well ran dry. In 1976 the mine was re-opened to provide tours for the public.

While looking up those dates, I came across this: A governement scout, Jack Dunn, discovered the rich deposits in the area while chasing Apache Indians. Dunn and a couple partners grubstaked a prospector, George Warren to explore and file claims for them. What few claims George did file he did so in his own name, not Dunn's. George liked to drink and in one of his drinking sprees he bet one of his claims that he could outrun a man on a horse in a two hundred yard dash. He lost the race, and forfeited the claim which turned out to be the Queen.

That is a lot of dirt removed. I love the rich colors.

Like the canal at the chloride fields, I do not think this is water you would want to go in to.

Bisbee looked like a charming and interesting town to visit, nothing like Tombstone. Artists and film makers were drawn to this old mining camp town and it appeared so with it's hip cultural scene. I didn't stop in town. I feel bad going to places like this without my wife along to enjoy it with me. Anyway, right now we had to move on to arrive at our next destination before tea time.

Come on Sinbad, let's go. Sinbad! Move it!


  1. wow, the photos of the copper mine are stark beauty alright. I'm wondering what clues there were that there was copper in the area. the colors? I'm touched by how thoughtful you were about your wife and how she would have enjoyed walking around Bisbee. you're right - us wives love stuff like that. I have a solution - take her on the next road trip with you and Sinbad! speaking of Sinbad - he's such a sport. I'm loving that last photo. just look at that guy. great photos, great post John. have a super weekend.

  2. oh that kitten is a scamp! taking his sweet time, napping and having a look see. :)

    a big hole into the ground - you think of a mine going into a mountain, but not necessarily down. eek. i could never make it as a miner. claustrophobia would certainly set in.

  3. are faced with these extraordinarily enchanting photos,

  4. J and I refer to the Queen Mine in Bisbee as one of the hugest rapes of nature that is out there.We drive through Bisbee every year; it is a fun little town (there are a few funky coffee shops there). You've gotta get your wife to go with you next time.

  5. I am trying to catch up...my nephew teaches ceramic art in Bisbee at the community college...next time. We are in Zion; saw Bryce Canyon this morning. Bisbee is unusual.

  6. Are they still doing the tours of the mine? Bisbee is such a wonderful little town.

  7. Did you like Bisbee? I really like it, it's very quirky, but intriguing too. Nice shots of the mine.
    Oh, my Holga shots are just that - with a Holga, no DSLR or computer manipulation.

  8. Randy - as far as I know the tours are still going on, or at least that is how it appeared on their website. I wasn't aware tours were to be had while there; I only discovered so after returning home.

    T.B.- I didn't drive through town but from I could see from the highway I think I would enjoy it. Next time, hopefully with some company along to enjoy it with.


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