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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Calcium Chloride Fields

Upon leaving Amboy we turned south and immediately came upon these chloride fields. The broad white salt covered basins were white as snow and wasn't as interesting as were these water filled canals. Whatever their usage, I don't know.  My guess is to hold the water they drain off the fields so the chloride can dry out. The colors I thought were brilliant.
I did some research to see what calcium chloride is used for and without getting too technical, it mainly is a deicing agent and increases the hardness in water for swimming pools. What was more interesting was that the company has an annual revenue 5 to 10 million dollars and employs a staff of 5 to 9 people. That's a pretty good business.
The green on the far side was very...ah...green.
I couldn't help playing with the images some
Looks good enough to jump in for a swim, but I don't think your hair or skin would be quite the same.


  1. How surprising to find a canal like that, filled with that brilliant color, in the middle of a desert. Interesting post, and fun pictures with the water.

  2. those are really beautiful! but i definitely wouldn't be dipping my toes in them anytime soon. :)

  3. Those did yield some beautiful colors and I really enjoyed the fun you had with them.

  4. Very interesting and those water pictures are just great.

  5. Thank you for following my blog and the encouraging comments.
    The water pictures are amazing!

  6. well I find this intriguing. I love what you did with the images - really trippy dippy.

  7. Oh wow, phantastic coloured structures! Hugs from Luzia.


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