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Monday, April 4, 2011

Desert Center

We continued south around Joshua Tree National Park hitting Interstate 10 at Desert Center. This town, well it barely qualifies as a town with a population of 150 (and where those 150 people lived, I don't know), sits midway on the 95 mile stretch between Indio and Blythe California. It is the only town in that 95 miles and the one and only gas station the town had was out of business. But the cafe was still plugging along and I just enjoy seeing how paint and the harsh desert sun get along with one and the other. I like how the neon has long since quit and they just stuck a pair of flood lamps up there. I think that painting is one cool image and the entire sign would get a good price on eBay.

But if you happen to stop there for any reason, young children may find this bungalow a bit scary or maybe amusing depending on your child's nature.
As for me, I was more concerned about the pit bull barking, growling, pulling and straining against the logging chain he was shackled to just behind this place.

Wikipedia has a very interesting write-up on the history behind Desert Center. Click here.

My most sincere thanks goes to Scott for showing me (and others) through his blog Just Used Pixels how to do a link like I just did above. Wow, I am so proud!


  1. :) congrats on the link embed! (I just use the 'link' tool on the menu of the text box and it works great.)

    that bungalow is a tad spooky - straight out of a bad movie...

  2. It looks spooky, and I just wait for John Wayne on a horse is coming here...:))
    I like these pictures, they are different.
    Thanks for your nice comment in my blog, and yes, I'm very happy today:)))
    Wishing you a nice day:)
    Greetings from,

  3. These are great! I have always want to see Joshua Tree.

  4. I'm strangely attracted to the hanging dolls photo. whenever there is mystery to an image, I'm immediately sitting up and paying attention. this one is awesome. I love it.

  5. The hanging dolls are definitely a little creepy. And I'd be scared of the pit bulls, too.

  6. Oh Desert Center, I know it well! I've done some photos there too. It's an interesting little place. That photo of the door is priceless!

  7. Thank you for your comments. Somewhat like Miss Becky said, but for me, the more I look at that photo it is the door I am attracted to. What is behind it? Does someone actually call that home with plywood in the window instead of glass? Why the padlock? And what made all those marks on the door? Pit Bull claw marks? Shotgun pellets? Yep, a bit creepy.


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