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Monday, April 11, 2011

Fairbank, Arizona

I would not have known about Fairbank if not for seeing pictures of it on one of the blogs I follow, Thoughts in Images. (Well, I can't seem to make the link work but it is a really great blog and you should check it out. Meanwhile I'll stick to what I know and forget about adding links in my posts) After seeing her wonderful photos I had to go there. This is what is great about blogs for you learn about people, places and things in other parts of the country and can go seek them out for yourself.

There were not that many buildings left standing in this ghost town and I later found out why. In 1905 the Boquillas Land and Cattle Company evicted most of the town residents. Rather than leave them to their evictors, townspeople knocked their own houses down with sledgehammers. Can you imagine?
What buildings that were there were locked up and the BLM did not want you to go in...
...and they meant it.
The BLM deemed the buildings were unsafe and naturally were playing it safe against any potential lawsuits.
Personally I didn't think any of the buildings were unsafe except this one...
...and oddly enough it was open!
Perhaps they wanted you to really experience how life was back then
 and consider how well off you are today.
Glass for windows in those days was a premium item that evidently few could afford.
There was this door..
...otherwise you made the best with what you had.
I was left wondering if this wasn't something done by the BLM  for appearance sake after they boarded up everything up.

more tomorrow


  1. wow. that's some interesting history - knocking down your own property. i'd be very sad...

  2. Hi John & Sinbad...First want to say I love your buddy...I once had a cat that looked like him and he was a big fellow to...a real handsome one you have there!!
    Your photos of the abandoned area are wonderful, a sad thing that happened there though...you captured it very well, even the "privy"...or back house which we always called it!! hahaha!!

  3. Blogs are a great way to virtually travel or plan the right time to actually go there.

    I can imagine. I know a couple people who have lost their homes and life savings in the past few years' financial fiasco. I don't believe they demolished their homes before they they tried to move on, but I have read news reports of others trashing their former houses as they were evicted by the banks. History proves to repeat itself time and again.

  4. the link worked for me John. when you're doing the link-up, make sure that the address doesn't have the http:// part repeated. that happens sometimes and then the link doesn't work.
    I absolutely love these images. the one with your reflection in the outhouse door window is amazing.
    and the history is interesting too. great post. have a fun day with Sinbad. :)

  5. Looks like you had a cool time exploring. I need to visit the west. I sure miss the horny toads we used to play with as a child. Have a great week.

  6. I would hate to have to clean that bathroom. I like the first shot best.

  7. You got a bit of history that I didn't know about, how interesting about the BLM and the sledgehammers! Nice angles you achieved in your photos and thank you for the mention.

  8. What a fun place to explore and capture some photos. You've really captured the rich colors and textures of the old buildings. Funny the painted windows. I suspect you're right about the BLM doing it.

  9. I appreciate your comments, thanks!

    Laura, hang in here with the story. Later on in Death Valley I'll have some "horny toad" photos for you. They are really called horned lizards, but as kids we all knew them as horny toads didn't we?


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