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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning at Gold Nugget Camp

Gold Nugget Road was the name of that turnoff, so that is the name it got for our camp. Before leaving I took some time and went for a little walkabout in the area just to enjoy the scenery and plants growing there.

The cholla, green, full and fleshy due to the recent rains this area had.
New growth on the ends break away very easily, fall to the ground, sends out a root and a new plant is born. Sinbad couldn't understand why I wouldn't take him out for an evening walk when the ground was littered with this stuff and it was dark as could be.
 Also because of the rains, the Palo Verde was in its glorious green color.
All the while Sinbad is keeping an eye on me no doubt wondering why I didn't bring him along. Ever try to take pictures with a cat on a leash?
"Oh good grief. He's pointing that black thing at me again."


  1. Oh Sinbad. We love you! Kitty cats and cacti are not a good combination, however. :)

  2. oh dear. what a regal, gorgeous character is Sinbad. one of the highlights of my day is to read of this fine and touching relationship the two of you have. and when you travel? the best. thanks for all the wonderful entertainment here, and great photos. you've combined two of my favorite things - an orange kitty and photos. have a great day John and Sinbad. I look forward to reading about it on the morrow.

  3. The last pic is my favourite, because sinbad is such a wonderful cat:-)) Hugs from Luzia.

  4. What great photos! Especially the two of Sinbad, he travels well?
    Thanks for the tip on the work around with the issues I am having with Picasa.

  5. Wow, beautiful plants, and not usual here.
    Sinbad looks a bit angry, but you did what's best for him:))
    Great shots of him:)
    Have a nice day:)
    Greetings from,

  6. Sinbad seems to do surprisingly well on a leash. I never had much luck in walking a cat.
    Interesting about the cholla propogation.

  7. Boy you are in some pretty narly stuff! I hope Sinbad doesn't go sniffing around! Enjoy reading about your trip.

  8. Always have to laugh. Sinbad is such a funny companion. :)


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