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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picacho Peak State Park

We discovered this little gem of Arizona State Parks a few years back. It is located off Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Tucson. At that time it was like $6 to camp plus the restrooms had showers! What a deal. Not something you would find in California. This time I find out the campground has had a complete renovation with a new visitor center (I thought the old one was just fine) and all campsites converted with electric hook-ups. Now you pay $25 whether you use the electricity or not, so I used it. Now if I were tenting it, I would not be too happy paying the extra $$ for something I didn't need. Also, I have an issue with finely manicured campsites. Look at that ground. I was afraid to walk on it. A bit too sanitary for my liking.

Right away I was greeted with this Gila Woodpecker checking out who was invading his territory. I grabbed my camera and jumped out for a quick shot before he flew off. I think I may have stepped through the combed dirt while doing so. "Oops, sorry."


  1. ha ha! perhaps they need to issue rakes to all of their overnighters so they can clean up after themselves! :)

  2. I saw the name of your post on Iowa Gardening Woman's blog and I had to check it out. Why? Well, I once had a cat named Sindbad. I lived in L. A. at the time and he chose to live on the rooftops of all the homes in the neighborhood. He lived to be 18 and was a wonderful cat. I agree about the cost of camping and paying for something you don't use seems wrong. And why manicure the campgrounds when the idea is to rough it?

  3. The campsite looks well tended, but I agree that it may be a little overly sanitized. Seems like they would have kept some sites rustic without electricity and therefore cheaper!
    Nice shot of the woodpecker.

  4. I love this park. We would stop every now and then on our way to Tucson.

  5. Reasonably priced camping, for sure... I was looking at fee signs for camping out at our state parks and it is something like $35...

  6. Thank you for your comments.

    texwisgirl: yeah, like that is going to happen :)

    Canyon Girl: That is really neat, having the same names. Sinbad is the only cat in all of the cats I've had, that I actually went out an adopted. This was his name and I didn't change it. Sinbad is 10 and I don't want to think how long.


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