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Monday, April 18, 2011

Portal Arizona

I would not have known of or had any reason to go to Portal  and Cave Creek Canyon had it not been for the constant prodding of my daughter who is an avid birder. She makes an annual pilgrimage to this area nestled in among the Chiricahua Mountains of southeast Arizona. "Dad, you have to go there. You'll like it" and she was right. It is a very popular area for birding as it hosts a long list of birds among which are over a dozen different species of hummingbirds plus the Elegant and Eared Trogan, residents of Mexico. Naturally, all I saw were dirty brown birds but I think that was due to it being so early in the year.

The store in Portal which has a bed and breakfast inn also, in case you want to visit the area.
The entrance to Cave Creek Canyon.
You can see why birds would be attracted to here, an oasis in the desert.

That evening in camp I expected some great color on the canyon walls at sunset.
I waited... 
...and waited some more.
I gave up and went back to camp to fix dinner, thinking nothing was going to happen. The next morning my neighbors said "Did you see that sunset last night? It was spectacular!"
"What time was that?" I asked.
It turned out about 30 minutes after I left. Grrrr...


  1. :) you were going on the adage "he who hesitates is lost" rather than "good things come to those who wait." how is one to know?!

    those are lovely canyon shots anyway!

  2. hahaha... sounds like any and all of my adventures. I love the photos, especially the first one. My kind of place!

  3. The colors are worth that wait! Wow a beauty of a place to visit. I have never been there before, love seeing your new posts daily here.

  4. Oh, well, guess you should have waited a little longer for the sunset color!
    Your photos are lovely anyway. Looks like a beautiful canyon area. No wonder the birds are attracted to it.

  5. Didn't I tell you!??! That place rocks. You just need someone willing to show you the non-dirty-brown-bird-types - - I would volunteer. I love, love love your shots of the rhyolite canyon walls, they are instantly recognizable and familiar. The Portal Store, Cafe, and Inn is also "home". Although, in fairness to potential readers here, it is a very clean and basic 14 room motel (not a B & B by any stretch).

    AUGUST is the time when you could see over 10 species of hummingbirds!

  6. We had a similar occurrence last summer. Hiked up to a ridge, noticed the great colors. We did get some nice sunset shots, but we left before the show was over, and as we hiked down behind the ridge we could tell the show had gotten better and better. Sigh, that's how it goes sometimes.

    Still you got some beautiful images of the area. I especially like the second from last. Nice colors on the canyon walls.

  7. what a majestic looking spot. I always thought it would be fun to ride a horse through territory like this. lesson learned - be patient and wait. it doesn't matter though, the photos you did get are spectacular. the light. it's always the light.

  8. What a impressive landscape! I have never been in a great Canyon but I shoul do this (with warm clothes;-). Hugs from Luzia.

  9. We ate lunch in that building, did you?


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