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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal, AZ. Day Two

The next day I decided to do a bicycle ride for I couldn't really find any information about any hiking trails in Cave Creek Canyon.
I came across this neat old house.

A bronze plaque in the front yard said it belonged to Edward John Hand, born in England in 1866 and died here in 1937. "Pioneer, rancher, miner and archaeologist". Nothing else. Well, it was nice to think he set these timbers in for his one room home.

Naturally this was a day the wind decided to pick up. It was all fun and games the first half of the ride, downhill out of the canyon with the wind at my back. Coming back was another matter.
I had to stop at the closed ranger station for a rest and eat my apple.
I made myself at home on the front porch.

Next door was the bunkhouse. Imagine setting all these stones in place.

Back at camp Sinbad was happy to see me, but you wouldn't know it by the look on his face.
He does this to me every time I point the camera at him, the brat.
He liked his tree.

The wind only grew worse and I did not even go outside and try for the sunset photo I missed the night before.


  1. i don't know which i like more - the adobe one-room or the stone bunk house. both are wonderful and would make FINE studios on my property or yours!

  2. yeah, I really like the buildings too, and I love that you converted those two to B & W. they're really great photos. that bunkhouse looks like it could be a PWA project. did you have a tripod in your backpack to take that selfie? thanks for including the photo of Sinbad, I've gotten my fix for the day. Look at that expression. I'm curious what you do with him while you're off bike riding. does he stay inside the house on wheels? oh my he's a gorgeous animal. great post John.

  3. The stone house is a work of art. Love the photos and blog.

  4. I really like these pictures you show us from your trip, and the stories you tell:)
    Sinbad looks like a beauty as usual:)
    Happy easter to you and your family:)
    Greetings from,

  5. The adobe one room is W O N D E R F U L! The skies in back, the grass, and cactus. This would be a great photo for the wall. Nice tones too!

  6. Ooh, love the monochromes. Nice light and shadow highlighting the geometric shape. It really is a wonderful little building. Great angle of view on the second one.

    Nice portrait of Sinbad, his green eyes are just beautiful. Very funny expression. I don't think any of my pets have been cooperative subjects. :)

  7. Love the stone house. Sinbad is not looking too thrilled.

  8. Great photos. Isn't the Portal area interesting? We enjoyed it a lot the time we drove through there. Did you go to the park just north of there?


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