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Thursday, April 21, 2011

White Sands 2

After the hike and lunch I came across this picnic area. No one was there. I had a vision of some type of artsy photo opportunity presenting itself here but didn't quite pull it off what I had in mind.
The next pull-out spot we had all to ourselves so I thought this a good place where Sinbad could get out and stretch his legs. We stopped. I got out and opened the door for him. He just stood there poking his head out, but did no more. So I picked him up and tossed him out onto the sand. He just stood there.
The wind picked up...
...and he was going to have none of that.
Back inside he came.
I went back to my picture taking. He went back to sleep.


  1. persnickety kitten. :)

    the rest area looks like conastoga wagons or little sailing vessels. :)

  2. Seems like there are a lot of those dry lakes in Arizona and the Mojave. My brother lived in a city called China Lake, in California. What lake??? Just the remnants of an old dry lake bed. I would have thought that Sinbad would have been ecstatic to find one of the worlds largest sandboxes, but I guess not. Unbelievable how white that sand is though.

  3. Loved these photos of Sinbad! He is one smart cat!
    I visited her when I was just a little girl! We were still allowed to climb all over the dunes then...and role down them!
    Happy Easter!

  4. That first shot is fab! It's like sailboats ready to race! Love it...very artsy too - at least I think so! Your cat is quite an explorer!

  5. alright!!!! my Sinbad fix. if you don't like these photos Mr. L., there's something wrong with your eyes. I think the first one is pretty darn artsy fartsy. all of these are so clear and crisp that I can practically see the grains of sand. but oh my, the photos of Sinbad are pure joy. the second one I could tell w/o reading that it was a bit windy - look at his face. and the fur on his tail!!! this series of photos is delightful. and I love the darkness of the sky. it's all so dramatic, but I imagine that with all that light and white, the reflections are blinding. I like that you converted one to show black and white. these are really good shots John. really.

  6. Are you saying Sinbad likes to S T R E T C H out in the sand too?

  7. Very cool photos. Sinbad is no fool.

  8. I see Sinbad is not liking the windblown through his fur. The sky in that last shot is amazing.

  9. lol - Poor Sinbad! He looks rather disgruntled. :)
    I haven't been to white sands. It really is quite stark and stunning.

  10. You have so many beautiful and exciting pictures here, and the sand reminds me about snow, it's so white.
    Sinbad is a beauty as always:)
    Have a nice day my blogfriend:)
    Greetings from,


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