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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yellow Tide

Although I was taking a picture of this Willet foraging in the ebb tide, I find the foam just as interesting.
Oops, run, run, run.
Here I enlarged the above photo so you can see those wings better.
My bird guide states "Stodgy and plain, the Willet looks boring until it flies showing off spectacular wings." I agree.

You may be impressed that I knew this was a Willet. Well truth is, I didn't even know there was such a bird as a Willet. Credit goes to my daughter who often helps me ID a bird before I post it saying something like it's a Flamingo.


  1. LOL! you need a library of bird i.d. books like i have here! :) of course, i don't have a helpful daughter either...

    like the froth!

  2. heheheee Yep yep, daughters CAN be helpful! LoL! This lil one's wings sure are purdy & the yellow foam is pretty cool... but, does that mean there's too much pee in the ocean! LOL HA HA HA! =)

  3. your daughter sounds like a dear. I love the yellow foam of the waves too, it's a really nice backdrop. don't know what I like more, the name Willet or his grace. birds are just such interesting creatures, and you've photographed this guy beautifully. happy day to you John.

  4. Hope that yellow wave isn't made of some dreaded poisonous material.

  5. What a wonderful life you have -- desert one day, beach the next. I've never seen a willet, but he quite interesting. Have a good weekend.

  6. Stodgy and plain?....hmmm.... some people just have no taste or are not all that observant....he is anything but....with that amazing beak or bill or whatever you call them when they are that long and slim....and look at those great long legs too ..... I think Willet is pretty darn cute....

  7. A lovely series..apologies for being late.


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