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Saturday, September 24, 2011

You Know You're in Nebraska When...

...this is pretty much all you see for landscape scenery

you really like the price of diesel fuel but have to go inside to ask what "off road diesel" is,
(I mean do they have off-road racing with special race-equipped diesel 4x4's?)
(I learned it was for tractors and combines...duh),

and you go to buy a can of soda pop and end up with a handful of fishing worms.

But we really liked the state a lot for what we got to see. We drove down the western portion which I am not sure if they call it the panhandle as is done with Oklahoma and Texas. Nebraska is full of history of the early pioneers who followed the Platte River heading west on the Oregon, California and Mormon trails. We retraced their route but going the wrong direction, east. At Ogallala we turned southwest into Colorado to finally begin our journey home. We'll be back Nebraska.

Today it was a matter of getting past Denver and over the Rocky Mountains. It turned out to be nothing at all. A piece of cake for the Little House on the Highway. Going over the High Sierras in California is a harder pull, just a lot shorter to do. We are now in Grand Junction Colorado and like Prineville Oregon and their big Harley fest, we timed it just right for here in Grand Junction there is a big western region dog show going on at the fairgrounds next to us. I am anxious to see if the dog people know how to party better than the bikers did.


  1. you are still looking for a rowdy crowd! :) loved the peak into Nebraska culture! :)

  2. cool - - great photos, I love the reflection of you in the gas pump. You went over 70? Did you think of "The Stand"??

  3. I love your photo of the Nebraska cornfield. that's precisely how it looks too - for mile upon mile upon mile. Is that your reflection in the pump glass??? I didn't think so until I saw Santino's comment. I know I've never seen a live bait vending machine - that's a first. enjoy the dog show! be safe.

  4. Looks like the "Corn is as high as an elephant's eye" and there certainly is a reason why they call them the corn huskers. Looks like you're having a great trip. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Looks like you're all having a fabulous road trip...nice sunny skies along the way too! Safe travels home!

  6. A vending machine for worms?! That is wild.


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