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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Care to Have Some Left Overs?

While going through all my foto folders and doing some house cleaning, here are a few that went unused.

This is from the Occupy Santa Rosa posts.
I took this picture for this is what we used to travel in before getting our current RV. A 1972 Winnebago just like this except green where it is brown here. We named it "The Box".
Inside with avocado green table, stove and oven (so 70's) we painted over all the dark wall paneling a light cream color which really brightened it up.
In the back where the bed was we added wallpaper for that homey touch.
We traveled around in it for 9 years, not without its fair share of "adventures" either.
We sold it in '07 and 5 months later bought the Winnebago View.

This is from the Clydesdale Horses post.
Don't know why I didn't use it.

This from that rare day when Sinbad was sunbathing on the deck and allowed me to photograph him up close without his getting up and sticking his nose into the lens.
Yes, his fur is so very soft.

This is from the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge over the Thanksgiving Day visit.
The five stand outs.

From the lunar eclipse series.
This is the very first shot I took while a portion of the moon was still illuminated by the sun.
What is wrong here?
I flipped the moon upside down.

Finally, a left over from summer.
Just a reminder for me while it is cold and wet outside right now.
Hang in there. Spring will be here soon.


  1. Excellent unused photos, they deserved to be posted/shown! The birds are fantastic.

  2. I've been doing the same here, checking my foto folders.
    The sky is amazing in the Sacramento Refuge shot, I wish all the birds could be free like them. ;-)

  3. love the clydesdale shot! and that birds/sky/sunset shot! wow!

  4. Lovely images and well worth sharing..
    I only started my blog last year and like you the weather is cold and wet...
    I have loads of stories to show and tell and why not...

    I loved seeing the "The Box" and the close ups of the clydesdale and Sinbad.

  5. I'm glad you got around to posting these.

  6. Your leftovers are wonderful! Glad you finally decided to share them.

  7. WOW! I knew I was going to love that horse's eye shot. excellent. and Sinbad's fur too. there's a little bug laying right next to him. the old RV looks like it was a bit bigger than the new one. But I bet the new one is a whole lot nicer. You've been "on the loose" for over nine years? whoa. have you kept track of how many miles you've put rolled over? I'm glad you didn't send any of these photos to the recycle bin - every one is a standout. my favorite is Sinbad's fur, because I have a good idea of just how wonderful it feels. happy evening to you John.

  8. I so enjoyed this series of photos ... love the horse!

  9. The shot of the birds is fantastic!


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