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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enough is Enough

In capturing the photo of the Red Tailed Hawk on yesterday's post for World Bird Wednesday I was slowly moving along in my car following him along from post to post as he would light at each, get perturbed at me and then fly to the next post. By the fourth time he had had enough and flew off for good, landing out in the middle of the field much further away from the annoying photographer. This was the last shot of him I got as he flew for the final time and I thought it interesting in some unexplainable way.

Interestingly this is how the picture looked in my photo program before I orientated it into its proper position. I thought, Well it could work this way too.

Okay, it was late, I was tired and this is what I came up with last night for today's post. 
Click here to see the hawk if you missed him yesterday.


  1. Looks like you were the burr under his sadle. Glad you caught a few anyway.

  2. this is called a 'fly bye' shot!!! i post them all the time, and i like them, too!

  3. These guys just have no consideration of the photographer but you did get a great shot for your previous post, nice clear, sharp eye.

  4. These are great. Oh to be as free as a bird.

  5. You always put a grin on my face with your grand old words of wisdom. This post is a one-of-a-kinder....and I like the weird location....it is the way I feel half the time...sort of tilted a bit off of plumb. Now to the story of OUR Land Rover. I have searched for about half an hour for the darn post and finally found it. Here it is:
    My story is especially painful because I have to drive by it going to work and when I come home from work. Wish I could buy the ****thing back. Mr. Stevens dies years ago and the thing just sits there in his barn. UGH! When we were in Richmond for Buddy to run in the marathon, I saw one around the corner from my son’s house with a FOR SALE sign on it. I was so excited. It was an old one like ours -green-with the 2 fold up seats on each side of the back. Rode by to see the price....7,000.00. Yep...7 thousand. Don’t think I want it for that ...plus ours only got 6 miles to the gallon when in 4 wheel drive. Hope you get a good laugh when you read the post. I did not put in where I was when it all happened....but where I was I could not leave so had to sit there and wonder what had happened :-)genie

  6. I like the composition of the photo. Gives the feeling of the bird escaping out the corner of the photo.

  7. thanks for sharing your thoughts about posting, positioning, editing, and so forth. I sometimes feel the same about photos - perhaps it would look better like this...no, this way. ah, the contortions we go through to get what we consider our final thought! happy day to you John. perhaps this time around I'll get to finish my catching up with your posts. I was interrupted about an hour ago...

  8. There IS something about it... I like this photo both ways.


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