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Thursday, December 22, 2011

First Day of Winter

So what does the above photo of the refrigerator/mailbox (you place packages inside the frig) seen in Montana have to do with the Winter's Solstice? Not a darn thing!
Last night I prepared my Christmas Eve post and was just a press of the button away from posting it this morning when I checked the date. It's two days away yet!
So I hastily came up with something else to post this morning.
Here, I'll add another photo of a road that was named for me.

Maybe I'm just excited for Christmas to get here, or do I just want it all to be over with?
Don't ask me.


  1. well, if your answer is the latter, i'm in agreement with you... (sorry! bah humbug!)

    the fridge mailbox holder is really quite handy! at least it keeps the 4-legged critters out of your packages. not sure about the 2-legged varmints, though.

    and i don't think you're lame 'tall...

  2. Hi john ...I just came back home after being out for a couple of things at the dollar store...the place was mobbed...going to be a cheap Christmas for some...I needed a good laugh after that and you have delivered hahaha Thanks!
    I suppose that frig works well for large packaage delivery ..what a hoot!!lol
    I love the sign, but I don't think that's you...you stand tall and sound like one of the good guys.. ; }
    The jury is still out for me on excited or overwith : }}


  3. I have to admit. I have never seen another mailbox like the one you posted. And I am also with you about wanting to get it over with... Is it because I want to know what is in those wrapped presents or is it just because. I'll never tell.

  4. Hahaha, cool mailbox!
    Happy Holidays John (and Sinbad)! ;-)

  5. Wonderfful to see and read John..
    I'm a bit of a Bah Humbug myself.

    Not quite true as I love to watch the local kids enjoying bikes etc on Christmas morning..

  6. haha.,this is a cute mailbox...

  7. Wonderful shots. I love the road sign.

  8. Maybe the refrig is for the UPS or FedX guys ~ great find

  9. Around here, someone would complain to By-law about a fridge with the door still attached, where kids could get at it. I want Christmas to be all over with, but that is one of the joys of working retail...

  10. Love that first capture!


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