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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Flea Market & Wikipedia

As I typed in "Flea Market" I wondered for the umpteenth time why do they call them flea markets? When a young lad I knew them as "Swap Meets". So I took the time to Google it and went to Wikipedia as I so often do to educate myself. You can click on that Wikepedia word over there to find out about flea markets and when you do, consider giving Wikipedia a donation to help keep them up and running and most of all advertising free!

Here is a couple of the more interesting things spotted this time at my local flea market:

I don't know if these little creatures are from some current popular movie, TV show or cartoon (and I am not Googling it to find out either) but they did stop me in my tracks.

Now if I were a girl...you betcha I would!

Those were the days you had to know proper spelling, punctuation and grammar.
(Now see, I've got real stupid since computers for I had misspelled 5 words in this post including the word misspelled!) 
No computer to do the thinking for you.
No accidentally hitting a delete button or a system crash and losing everything you wrote either.

This guy's spot, I really had to hold myself back from making a purchase. He had a cardboard box filled with items wrapped in old newspaper. I started unwrapping things and all were old medicine, elixir, and whiskey bottles from the 1800's. Even a Chinese opium bottle (I already have one). I asked if he was aware of what was in there for most all of his junk was like what you would get from buying unclaimed lots from a storage unit. He was and said "You can take the entire box. Make me an offer." Based on what he was selling things for I probably could have had it for $20 or $30. One bottle alone would fetch that on eBay, but these days I just don't feel like dealing with it. And to keep it for myself, it would not be the same as everything I have in my collection I have found in the desert. I took this picture for even these would interest the beer can collector. Do you remember opening a beer or soda can with a "church key"?

Someone's art piece that would mean something to the infantry man of WW2.

So did I buy anything you ask?
 And with that I bid you all a hot dog of a New Year!


TexWisGirl said...

that's my kind of shopping! looking but not buying - except for eating! :)

i do remember my father opening some of those old beer cans with that pointy can opener thingy. :)

Becky said...

Happy New Year, John!

LĂșcia said...

Loved the vintage cans!
Have a wonderful 2012 John and Sinbad! ;-)

barbara l. hale said...

Love these pics. What fun to wander around a flea market! But I'm with you. Probably the only thing I would buy would be that hot dog! Back at you with the wishes for a great new year!

theconstantwalker said...

I wish you and all your family (and Sinbad of course)a wonderful 2012 John..
Take care my friend.

grammie g said...

Hi John...Great video yesterday amazing amount of water birds there !!
So now that I have "ketched-up" ; }
I going to say I how you "relish" the new year...sorry couldn't help myself hahaha!! Hot Doggy have a good one!!

Randy said...

I love a good Flea Market! I would have probably bought that typewriter.

Reena said...

Love flea markets! Wishing you and Sinbad and all around you the best of 2012!

Ms. Becky said...

man that hot dog looks good. but it needs two slices of cucumbers, celery salt, more chopped onions, a poppy-seed bun, and some hot sport peppers on it to be Chicago style - the only way I'll eat them. oh, and no catsup. yeah, I know. But Del Monte did at one time spell it that way on their bottles. I kid you not. would you believe me if I told you I have a wig just like that, only two inches shorter? yep. it's true. And it's my favorite good-time costume. you have a cool flea market in your area.

Trish ~ ♥ ~ said...

and I have been looking for a typewritter like that!!