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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pollution is Pretty


The above is water from the out point of an diversion pipe at a wildlife refuge. While I thought it was an interesting pattern I had to think as to what was causing it. Fertilizers and pesticides from the nearby rice fields I imagine.

Here is the intake at another refuge. Rest assured the output must have looked like the above but I was unable to get to it.

I don't want to dwell on the nastiness we cause in our streams and rivers so I'll not add a couple trash shots from our Pacific coastal beaches. Mainly I thought the flowing water from the above was interesting to watch.

Most people would not think the desert which I love to frequent would fall victim to pollution but I've hiked off into some very remote areas and still come across litter left behind by someone before me. But this here was the winner by far. It no doubt was all left behind by illegals after having come across the border.

At this point they had crossed about 50 miles of desert, had their last encampment by the nearby interstate and had caught a pre-determined ride to LA or Phoenix. I cannot blame the Mexicans for trying to better their lives and escape the poverty and violence in their country but come on people, take your crap with you! Sadly it's not in their culture to do so.

Okay, best I change the subject before I ruin my day. Here are a couple scenes of Sinbad birding from the Little House on the Highway as we were driving through the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge on our way to the Thanksgiving Day festivities. He loves to hang out the window when I am driving real slow. Especially when we enter a campground looking for a campsite. This attracts a lot of attention.


  1. love the crouch in that last photo. yeah, the littering is terrible. we have lots of dumpers in the country - just pull onto a back road and throw stuff out...

  2. Nice one!
    Thank you

  3. Hi John I have posted about the idiots over here the manage to carry the picnic stuff into the countryside but can't manage to carry the empty lighter packaging home. They visit because it's a lovely place... then trash it?
    I've never got my head around that... now I have to stop before a proper rant starts...
    Sinbad watching the birds.. lovely to see but I wonder what he was thinking...lol.
    Happy December...

  4. Men can be really selfish...
    I'm glad to see Sinbad enjoying the view. Lucky guy. :)

  5. that water looks pretty yucky, and it's too bad it can't be sourced and the polluter/s be held accountable in some way. on a brighter note though, I'm sitting here viewing the adorable behavior of my second favorite kitty while my favorite kitty climbs on top of me to get between me and the computer screen. it ends with her sticking her behind in my face while SHE positions for a better view of her new beau Sinbad. now isn't that just like a cat? that wildlife refuge looks like a truly beautiful spot. happy day to you John.

  6. Glad you ended on a more positive note. Although I did enjoy the patterns and colors in the top two.

  7. It's so sad! We humans can be so irresponsible.

  8. Their karma will get the polluters back one day. Cute Sinbad shots.

  9. I think the second shot is beautiful! The reflection, and the lines in the water! Of course, it would be so much better if the water was clean...
    And Sinbad seems such a sensible cat! I don't even let the dogs have that much window to tempt them to jump out!!

  10. You did manage to get to the Sacramento NWR on the way to Thanksgiving. A great place to visit.
    Over the weekend we visited Merced, San Luis and Don Edwards so I will be boring all with images for the next few weeks.


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