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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creatures of the Redwoods

On a little walk through the woods following a pine needle laden path...

I came across the home of a little forest creature.

Upon closer inspection I saw this forest dweller liked Hello Kitty.  Hmm...can't be too bad  I thought although I do not know much about the Hello Kitty cult.

Nevertheless I thought it best to retreat and make tracks for new places to explore.

On the Avenue of the Giants we continued looking for new adventure.


  1. ...wonder if the Hello Kitty home-maker realizes that the once secluded hide has now made it around the world for all to see. What a lovely drive through those tall timbers...

  2. I like the b/w image!

  3. Maybe she was looking for interesting wildlife there as you were.

  4. Looks like someone had a good imagination, maybe they were close-by.

  5. a troll setting up a trap for a little lass.

  6. cozy little abode. Nice pics John.


  7. Hi John... Hey I just realized,when you commented on my post "thanks" that your posts are not showing up on my blog again..hmmm..!! I'll fix
    that ; }
    What you found I believe is what the kids and ADULT's do here on walking trails and parks in some areas!! They are called "Fairy Houses",uhm..: }, but usually are smaller!!
    They usually use things they can find in the area to build them..about Hello Kitty hmm, I don't know lol!!
    Marvelously enchanted looking photos with those tall trees!!

  8. You gotta be so careful with that darn HKT (hello kitty tribe) they steal all of your thoughts and fill you with happiness.
    Excellent set of Photos John, i really love that B&W road shot
    July Giveaway @ ValleysshutterBug

  9. Too funny. I like the road shot.

  10. Totally wise to walk away from the Hello Kitty! I hear they can be dangerous!
    Love the pics!


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