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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wheelin' and Dealin'

Another done with my little Canon point & click.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.

My wife was away for a few days last week.  I always like to use this freedom time to do a few things in the garage.  With her car gone, I can pull mine out and give the garage a good going over which means cleaning and continue on to try to put some sense of order to it. Three years in this home and I'm still working on it. 

I occasionally get asked by her Why do you have to have so many bicycles?  Let's see, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't gamble, don't chase women, but I have too many bicycles.  Oh Lord!  And with that thought in my head I stood there looking at my two mountain bikes.  Maybe I should get rid of one for I mostly ride the other.  I thought about it some and dreaded the agony of trying to sell it, using Craigslist to do so, and have to deal with the numbskulls and idiots of Craigslistland.  But this would be the easier way to sell it.  I cleaned up the bike, took a few pictures then sat down that afternoon to compose the ad.

In doing so I thought I should entertain the idea of doing a trade for a road bike and maybe get back into road riding once again.  This would increase the chances of moving the mountain bike.  Maybe someone might want to give up the streets for the trails.  I checked on other ads to see how people wrote them up and came upon a reoccurring ad by the same person for different used bicycles.  It appeared he picked up bicycles, fixed them up and sold them, plus he was right here in the Santa Rosa area.  Hmm...I gave him a call.  Yes, he does like to trade and he was very interested when I said I had a Santa Cruz Heckler.  I took the bike over to his shop that afternoon. 

My bike:

A bike that he had that I liked:

Done deal.  Straight across trade.  All over in the very same day that I decided to let the Heckler go.  I drove away unbelieving of my good fortune once again.  I probably had about $100 more into the mountain bike than what he was asking for the Trek but that was well worth it to me in avoiding the nightmare of selling it on Craigslist.  I am sure he'll make a small profit when he goes to sell it.

So in the end I didn't lessen the inventory of my stable of bicycles any, but I really am enjoying riding a road bike once again.  Now I can smoke them tires, drink lots of water in doing so, gamble that I don't get run over by a car, and chase the cute women cyclists wearing tight fitting Lycra cycling clothes.

My wife is leaving again this week for a few days.  I wonder what kind of mischief I can get into this time from puttering around in the garage?


  1. I think you made a good deal. This bike looks far more like a real bike. You can practice for a "Tour de France" maybe?

  2. I think you did a great job - and I am sure the question was purely rhetorical! In my husband's case, the question is "why do you have so many of the same tools?"...seems some young guys who used to live here kept misplacing them so he had to keep buying more...we are now in the process of getting them ready to go away!
    Love that beach shot!

  3. I think your wife may have to lock you in the house when she goes away again! Very nice story.

    Stewart M – Australia

  4. I think you should be locked in the garage while she is away. Maybe a room in the attic, depending on if you have an attic. My take is if you are pleased with your road bike go for it. Just be safe chasing those women on the road!

  5. too funny. i agree with jane - just be careful while you enjoy your wifeless days. :)

  6. A wonderful post John... the first image is fantastic.
    Re the squirrel.. I am still deciding

  7. LOVE the top black and white. Sounds like a good deal you made. Perhaps while your wife is away you may buy another bike, you know just to stir things up. :)

  8. So agree about the hassle of Craig's List. Seems a fair trade! We're shopping for a couple of Treks as well for us when we are up in Maine. Just missed one in the local flyer. But will find one eventually! Happy travels!

  9. I probably would have spent the whole time shooting pics.

  10. You crack me up JOhn!
    Now that I am in Holland for two weeks I get to use my mothers bike and I love it! I miss riding my bike, but they all drive like maniacs in NYC....
    Have fun with the new bike!

  11. ROFL...

    It's ok to ask a man why he has so many bikes (or cars, or golf clubs, or .... ) but don't you dare ask a woman why she has so many shoes! :-)

    (Well, a non-full-time-RV'ing woman anyway)


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