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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Untold Story

There is more to yesterday's post.  I was excited to be in "No Man's Land" Oklahoma and view what I could of the dustbowl legacy.  In the little town of Goodwell was the No Man's Land Historical Museum which I could not wait to see.  As I rounded the corner I saw no cars in the parking lot, not a good sign.  But then, how many people would drive all the way out here to Nowhere for this?  I slowly drove past the front and was elated to see the OPEN sign on the door.  I parked, got my shoes on, grabbed some money and my camera, told Sinbad who was asleep, I'll be be back and rushed up to the door.  It was locked.  "Closed Sunday and Monday".

Some idget forgot to turn the sign around!  I was heartbroken.  I looked through the door window, walked around the side, came back and sat on the planter box, head hanging low wondering how this can be.  I was also wondering too if someone might come by, see me sitting there, see the California license plate and stop say "Let me make a call, we can let you in" but that didn't happen. Sadly I got into the Little House on the Highway and drove away.

I continued on, found a few good photo ops that lifted my spirit and made my way to the Boise City Museum.  Of course being Sunday, they were closed too.  This museum didn't look to offer as much but they would be open on Monday.  So I took this photo and left thinking I'd not return.
By the way, I've seen enough dinosaurs on this trip to last me a long time and I still have Arizona to go through and those people on old Route 66 are dinosaur statue crazy to get you to stop.

But as you know from yesterday's post I did go back.  The "museum" had a whole back area I wasn't aware of.  The lady turned me loose back there to wander about as I pleased.  They did have a small dustbowl section in the far back corner.  Looks like a thrift store doesn't it?

As the lady was telling me how to get to the last remains of the dust, I picked up a pamphlet on the No Man's Land Museum I missed out on.  Later that evening in camp I looked through that pamphlet.  Here is some of what they had in their museum - folk-art, exhibits on their history and economy, an arrowhead collection, a barbed wire collection, antique quilts, the first printing press to cross the Mississippi, a photo gallery of all of their Pioneer Day Queens and on and on but NOTHING about the dustbowl!!  Do I need to tell you how happy I was after reading that?


Fun60 said...

Museum or junk shop? Hard to tell.

Linda said...

Simply amazing the things people will stuff in a museum...that does look more like a junk shop!

Sharon M said...

It looks like an antique store near me where I like to browse.

A dustbowl museum with nothing about the dustbowl. Why doesn't that surprise me?

TexWisGirl said...

can certainly cross that one off the list. :)

Randy said...

Love the Dino!

Scott Law said...

You've sure gathered up a collection of the unique and forgettable as well as some unforgettables in your travels. You could open a museum of your own . . . Well I guess you have with this blog.

biebkriebels said...

The museum looks rather different from a "real" one, more a storage, ha,ha.