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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Howard, Kansas

Howard is located pretty much in the center of Kansas.  Named after a Union Army general of the Civil War it has a population just under 700, one of whom is Mr. Hubble who created this menagerie from farm equipment and junk.  It sets right off the side of Hwy 99, so there's no missing it, not that if you did you would miss much.  The redeeming part of this stop was Toot's Drive-in which was not even on my list nor connected with Hubble's Rubble. Toot's was on the opposite corner.  Click here to see Toot's.  A turned under cornfield stood across the highway behind me.

5 accidents so far this ?

A peek into his office, some yellowed newspaper clippings about his "art", a sign-in registry, a gallon paint bucket for donations, a tractor seat to sit on (also a non-functioning toilet) and nothing much else.

I do like the large door hinges for wings

I bet TexWisGirl would like to have this at her Run*A*Round Ranch

Some required an exercise with your imagination

That is suppose to be Batman

I don't know here.  Your guess is better than mine.

I'll subject show you more in a couple of days.
A special post coming tomorrow.


Linda said...

Not sure what to say...other than WOW! I can't imagine having that stuff in my front yard and having to mow around it! But, it does make for interesting photographs and a use of imagination. I am always amazed and amused by your posts, John!

Carole M. said...

stretching the imagination, a lovely sense of the bizarre in a creative way

biebkriebels said...

He was a creative person, I like it to use the old things to make something new.

Sharon M said...

Interesting stuff. I love the sign that says, "Not responsible for accidents." I need one of those.

TexWisGirl said...

um, no, i'd not be decorating run*a*round with that cowboy - although i do like his use of the fence as a prop for him. :) too funny.

Randy said...

I love that Cowboy sculpture!