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Monday, October 8, 2012

Thank You for Your Input

This image received 3 times the many thumbs up than the others except for the one image with the fence line.  If you missed that post click here to see the canidates.  I liked this one myself but needed that little extra reassurement before doing anything.  If that fence had old wood fence posts I'd make a smaller print of it, but the new style fence stakes detracts from the atmosphere.  I had a 20x30 print on stretched canvas done with black wrap around edge and am pleased with the finished product, although this photo doesn't show it off that well.  I am planning a quick trip to Yosemite in a couple of weeks and would like to pull off another black and white for the home, ala Ansel Adams style...okay, with him in mind.  I know I can never come close to his work but I can have my fantasies, no?


  1. that looks great. glad you are happy, too. :)

  2. Perfect John!
    Yosemite, wow, I'm sure it will be a great trip! ;-)

  3. It looks totally awesome! I love that one...I would love to get a shot with that degree of isolation and dramatic sky - great job!

  4. HI John...That is the one I really liked.. it look awesome!!
    I just went through some of you post...I love the sleeping lady, to funny!
    You sure see some interesting things..I love Snoopy and the boat drawn by a bike..great stuff!! : }

  5. done already! Must be quite a buzz to see your photograph turned into a stunning canvas print like that. Well done; great result. You will hunger to get that next amazing snap now.


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