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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Last of Hubbles Rubble - Howard, Kansas


Another I have no idea piece.

I think the Tin Man is the victim of a couple drive-by shootings.

Clever use of an engine oil pan for the body & motorcycle gas tank for the head.

This here I thought his best work. 

My apologies to Mr. Hubble for making sport of what no doubt was fun for him.  It is a lot more than I have ever done.   And if some children were here to see this when I was there, I am sure I would have seen how much fun the pieces were for them.  Just watch out for sharp edges kids.  We don't want anymore accidents.


Carole M. said...

uuum ... amazing!

biebkriebels said...

Could be right in our Museum of Modern Art!

Sharon M said...

I think they're all pretty cool. I wonder what this guy was like. I love the way you ended this post.

TexWisGirl said...

an interesting fellow, for sure. i did like snoopy.

Scott Law said...

You do find the most interesting places as you travel. These are some fun shots. I also viewed some of your previous posts. That lady in the museum will need a brace for her neck as well as her wrist if she's not careful.

I've been away getting new photos, but I'm back and hope to be by more often.

Thanks for keeping up the good work.


theconstantwalker said...

Well I have to admit it's different...

MELI. said...

how cool! my favorite is the t-rex RAAWR

Randy said...

I'll take the bunny on the bike.

Sandy's witterings said...

The first batch of welded wonders managed to sneek by me a couple of days ago but I've found it now.
These, compared to the fellow you featured a couple of months ago with his junk "sculptures" strung along the highway, are at least rather jolly.

Anonymous said...

Wow you sure do find interesting things to want to step back a notch again to have another gander. I bet you wish your head would turn backwards like a owl.
So much to see. I guess you pretty near get back home when the roosters start to crow.

Wow is all I have said in the journey of your walk and picture take.

Too bad you could of not hitched up a stage wagon for all of us to go with you..

Anonymous said...

My neighbour would be in his glory in the rust and the whatcha
nots you have taken.

His outside place is as bad. He is a great neighbour he just loves junk . He will fix a lawnmore and old beat up cheep as new.