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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trailer Trash Tuesday

Somewhere in southern Kansas. 

This is sad and weird both.  The sad part is this use to be a cute trailer just the right size.  The top windows on the side are broken out but it doesn't matter too much as it appears to be crammed full to the ceiling with the owner's valuable possessions.  Someone has gone over each and every rivet with trailer sealer as you can see by all the white patch marks.  I know, for I've used the stuff before on the roof of our previous motor home.  Oddly they have painted - and not very carefully - every vent red.  The installed air conditioner on the side is an all to common practice for those with limited funds.  The top unit evidently crapped out and rather having it repaired...cut a hole in the side and stuff a home A/C into the space.  Don't forget to fabricate a rain deflector from some old tin sheathing you have lying around.  But the award for ingenuity goes for the homemade automobile hub cap satellite dish projecting up from the back end.  Well done! 


  1. Dang that looks familiar! ;D

  2. that made me laugh - really? A hub-cap will do as a satellite-dish???

  3. This looks remarkably like some of the trailers we saw at the gold mine campground in NC...scary! But, you have to admire their ingenuity!

  4. well, at one time it was sorta cared for...

  5. I still love it, but I'd paint mine pink.

  6. That would be a great fixer-upper.

  7. dear john,

    you know that I love to read your blog. at your photos I keep getting itchy feet. No matter how this caravan has aged - you will set it in wonderful scene....

    hugs & greetings


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