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Saturday, November 24, 2012


I could use a holiday from the holidays.


  1. Rodin se posant la question vais-je prendre des vacances :)
    La photo est superbe jolie trouvaille et beau travail
    Bon week-end

  2. Is that the same thing as needing a vacation after the vacation? Or are you talking about the ramping up of shopping madness? Either way, this is a portrait of a guy who is pretty pooped. A quiet walk in the woods looking for more mushrooms will do him a world of good.

  3. Seems like there is a major-major emphasis on "buying" this year, turning Black Friday into a month-long event, and trying to convince us that the only way that we are going to be happy is satiating our material desires.

    When I was a kid my parents used the promise of Xmas as coercion for encouraging me to "behave", so I either had to be on my best behavior, or be really sneaky about what I was up to, starting as early as July.

  4. so much organizing of 'things' and time goes into a period of time away from home, we call a 'holiday'! It's forgetting the day to days at least and spending time and thought on a brand new place.....it gives our mind a holiday at least

  5. You got a great angle on this guy!


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