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Monday, November 26, 2012

No Windows?

                             Then paint in some.

Chillicothe, Missouri

It appears the artist made the windows taller the further to the right as he went. But it turns out that the building's roof is sloping down to the right.  An optical illusion that can be solved by looking at the bricks along the roofline.

Each one depicts an owner and their business in Chillicothe of years gone by.  There is a service station and cafe, certified public accounts, a couple manufacturing firms, two glove makers, a jewelery store, a market, a grocery store, drug store, a 5th generation farmer, a clinic and a tractor implement manufacturer.

I like the one in the middle of Betty Preston Steele, 31 years of teaching piano, and her music notes drifting out the window.


  1. This is almost worth having a long blank wall for!

  2. Awesome !

    Wonderful where alike is happening. Please have a good Tuesday.

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  3. SUPER! I think these windows are fabulous!

  4. Wonderful way to memorialize a town's history. I like the musical notes best. Thanks for contributing to Monday Mural.

  5. These really are wonderful, I agree, love the notes floating out the window.

  6. Excellent and interestin use of an otherwise dull wall. Looks like there's been windows there before (or else the paintwork is even better than it looks) - wonder why they're not used for looking through now.

  7. This is wonderful...I have never seen anything quite like it/them.

  8. What an interesting mural!! And why would one build a building with the roof slanting like that...


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