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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Seligman, Arizona

There is so much to like about this sign - its 50's design, the horse shoes, Betty Boop carrying a pizza, but them making sure you know that it is Norwegian owned and you'll be smelling lutefisk instead of curry when walking into the office was pretty smart thinking to me.

From the other direction.

This was a very nice looking and well cared for motel.


  1. Norwegian owned definitely makes the sign, oh ya.

  2. I like Betty Boop with a pizza, I can hear her voice.
    Those hearts at the cemetery you see quite often here, people want to make a difference and do something special until everybody does the same.

  3. It just screams American to me.

  4. Both versions are nice but I am partial to the b&w.

  5. Very cool sign, I think the colours are so vivid, but the BW version is better composed. ;-)

  6. I've been to Norway - I hope they're not charging Norwegian prices!! Lucky you've got your own home on wheels.


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