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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Yosemite Dead Squirrel Lunch

This little feller was more interested in the goofy looking photographer than the waterfall.

Lunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel.
I wanted to take my wife there for dinner but they have a dress code which neither of us could meet the standards of so lunch was the best I could do for her.  She didn't mind and I think she preferred this anyway. 

Pulled pork sandwich for her and pulled pork tacos for me.  We ended up trading for each liked the other better.

I had a dead squirrel picture but yesterday's dead bird bothered people so I'll pass on the squirrel photo. And you thought I had squirrel for lunch!

Getting off the established trails reveal wonderful scenes that otherwise you would miss, plus you have it all to yourself.

And you make strange discoveries too. Now how do these rocks do that?

This is the road up to Mirror Lake.  You cannot drive to it.  You walk or ride your bike.  The gradient is at 10% in places and this old fellow in the distance, huffing and puffing, is walking the diagonal trying to make it easier for himself.  Good for him to do it but all I could think of was what if his heart gave out? What could I do?  Things like this make me nervous.

That pretty much covers the worthwhile photos from Yosemite.

My wife got herself a new Nikon  D7000 before this trip and she gave me her Nikon D90 insisting it took better pictures than the Nikon D80 I was using, which by the way I inherited from her also a few years back.  I have to say that I think she is right.  I'm not a picky picture person but comparing photos of the same subject taken with both cameras, there is a difference that even I can tell.  Thanks dear.  I'll get you that dinner at the Ahwahnee.


biebkriebels said...

That looks like a huge lunch for one? I could have eaten just one of the sandwiches. The rocks looks very funny, do they really make the towers by their own?

Sharon M said...

mmm pulled pork sandwiches... fantastic! Those rocks are really cool.

I bought a D90 a few years ago when I found it on sale at a really good price. I already have a D200, which I love, but the D90 is so much lighter to handle. I'm always impressed by the photos I get. Enjoy!

Judy said...

I love those red/green leaves!! As for what you could do if he collapse, you would call for help, ASAP. Brave guy for doing that hike, though. Remember he still has to walk down again...

Scott Law said...

Some wonderful photos as always. Probably just as well that you left the dead squirrel out.

TexWisGirl said...

awww. you have a sweet wife to upgrade you w/ hand-me-downs. :)

i like 'junior'. :)

John W. Wall said...

There are rocks near the Golden Gate Bridge that do that too. Weird California geology (http://www.kqed.org/arts/programs/spark/profile.jsp?essid=7082).

Randy said...

Poor squirrel.

Martha Z said...

I always love shots of Yosemite, they have the power to zap me back to that magical place.
We like to have Sunday Brunch at the Ahwahnee, no dress code for that.

Sandy's witterings said...

All that food's making me hungry - I wonder if we've still got some of that cold beef in the fridge.

Now the little piles of rock - I wonder if whatever they're transmitting is being picked up over this side of the pond at our similar piles of rocks I saw earlier this year. Here..

Pam said...

Yosemite is where cairn forests grow? Nice to know! Great shot!