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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yosemite Sunset

In all of the times I have been at Yosemite over my years, I've never seen a sunset there worth writing home about.  The configuration of the Valley doesn't lend itself to great sunsets.  The fact is you simply cannot see the horizon while in the deep narrow valley.  But I never have been there late in the year, in the Fall. 

On our first day it was late in the afternoon and I went for a short walk to the nearby bridge.  All of a sudden behind me, Half Dome was all aflame reflecting a spectacular sunset far off to the west.  And guess what?  No camera with me!  People, never go anywhere without a camera of some sort!!  The storm moved in and for the rest of the week, thus no sun.  The final two days when it cleared was my only chance.  The first clear day, it didn't happen.  One more chance.  That next evening it seemed a lukewarm glow on Half Dome and I took a few shots all the while thinking of the one that got away earlier in the week.  Back home when I downloaded my photos they looked better than I thought at the time, yet I still cannot get that first sunset glow on Half Dome out of my mind.


  1. It's beautiful just the same. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me. Most of the time I don't have the right lens of the light changes too quickly.

  2. Your photo is beautiful. I hate when I miss those photo opportunities. I usually have a camera in my purse, but now and then I forget to charge the battery. Now I have an IPhone, so I always have it if I don't have my camera.

  3. You may think this is second best, but it looks great to me.

  4. you have to wonder why we don't always just sneak in that point-and-shoot but it happens that we get caught out when we least expect it. Never mind John; you did get a really lovely photograph here with the lovely warm ochre colour happening

  5. John it is so pretty.

    Colors are brilliant.

    Love it.


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