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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bordeaux Trading Post

Chadron, Nebraska

This was an unexpected joy to find.  Fortunately there many more joys than disappointments such as yesterday's Starbuck Minnesota stop for example, during our tour of the Great Plains weird and unusual things to see.  Dug into the side of a hill as you can see, inside it was quite cool and pleasant.  Outside it was not on this day.  I imagine in the winter it was easy to keep warm in this below ground level abode.  Inside on the entire length of the back wall were shelves and a few goods, then in front of that the counter.  Unfortunately all of this was behind a glass window so the photos were blown out with the flash.  It was too dark for pictures without flash.  To the far right hand side end of the building were the living quarters - a bed, table, stove and fire place.  I assume James Bordeaux lived in the trading post itself and not in another house of some sort nearby.  
It was easy to just stand outside and gaze across the prairie grasslands and imagine yourself back in the mid-1800's and think this is how it was


  1. I'm confused John, maybe it's too late in the day. Firstly I love the dwelling, but the signage reads the trading post occupied a site 'near here'. This is not it?? Great photograph.

  2. It is a well protected house, build between the hills. I can imagine it was warm in winter.

  3. i'd imagine critters came in from all sides.

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  5. What a sensible way to build. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I have watched programmes about specially designed eco friendly houses in this country where they have built below ground with natural light coming from specially designed glass domes built into the roof. The rest of the roof is then covered with soil and planted with grass. I just hope cows don't have access to the roof!

  6. A camouflaged house with an eco roof! ;-)

  7. Nowadays that would be called Green Building.

  8. Can you think of the bugs and critters that would get in!!! A good reminder of what people used to live in! And be grateful for...

  9. My 2nd great- grandparents met at the Trading Post in Bordeaux, NE in 1865/66, so thank you very much for the pictures and story of Chadron and Bordeaux, NE. She my 2 great-grandmother actually, left Iowa to teach at the trading post and my 2 great- grandfather was a cattle driver. Again, thank you.

    1. Wow that was great to read. Thank you that bit of your history.


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