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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flea Market Finds

Anyone have one of these as I child?  I didn't but I'm sure they were fun.

This accordion was a beauty and sounded very nice too.  At one time I could play an accordion...kind of.

I've not seen a bicycle quite like this one.  Smaller size, hard rubber tires, lever brake and the front sprocket with every other tooth means it is quite old, turn of the century.  The last century.  Yes, the seat is missing.


  1. blogger is still playing up; one pic only. Someone commented on my blog also the same happening. The tv/radiogram, had never seen one before!

  2. The first one I have never seen before, a record player and tv in one! The bike looks like the folded ones you see here, has the same size.

  3. I remember the record player/TV thingys, but I never had one. The accordion looks heavy!

  4. my father used to play a button accordion. :)

    nope. never had one of those fancy record player/tv set things.

  5. The red gizmo at the top I have never seen. It must have had a very small distribution. The old bike is interesting too as I've never seen anything like it. You have some interesting adventures.

  6. Great treasures! I have never see a television and record player together like that.


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