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Friday, February 22, 2013

Fossilized Typewriters

Do you ever think about tens of thousands of years from now all of the things we've left behind here and there and in landfills being unearthed by who knows whom or what, and how they may try to piece together the society that once was and the conclusions they may draw?


  1. Were these just sitting out in the middle of nowhere?

  2. This would make a great artificial reef for the fish! Not so great as a sculpture.

  3. I'm attracted to the unusual and mysterious. you've fulfilled both.
    in answer to your question - most certainly. Even landfills bug me. They are lined and sealed, and compost/decay requires oxygen. Landfills are anaerobic. What we put into them will be there...forever.
    But I digress. These relics are beautiful in their own write.
    I love these shots, especially the B&W.
    happy weekend to you and yours.

  4. I always think about things like that. also we are a society that consumes much so we throw away tons of stuff. we are leaving a very large footprint.

  5. ...I don't, but what you show isn't especially attractive! When we do take time to think about it of course, it's darn scarey!

  6. We are such a wasteful society. Products are not made to last these days, we are just that comsumer society.

  7. A creative use for the old typewriters!! I like the way they are rusting away...

  8. I worry a lot about what we humans are doing to our planet. A few people care, but most don't. I'm afraid.


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