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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunny Side School

Southern Kansas

Along with yesterday's post office was this school room recreation.  
The school existed from 1872 through to 1948 (an outstanding year I might add).


  1. It looked the same as the schools overhere. School furniture is global I think. Even the map on the wall was standard in classrooms.

  2. makes me long for simpler days...

  3. My school desks in elementry school looked like that. I wish we could go back to those old school days sometimes. Todays schools sure aren't like they use to be.

  4. I have some vague memories of bits and pieces of that schoolroom...

  5. What a wonderful old classroom.

  6. so that must be your vintage then John - a '48-er? Mine is the year of '47 and I do remember those desks too and the inkwell and the pens we used for them to learn to write with before we could use a biro not until half-way through 5th class/primary. Nice photograph; bought back 'memories'


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