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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why I Have a Cat

My wife and I took a walk around the neighborhood one morning and came across this sign.

What this tells me is there's money to be made here.  This homeowner had to make up their own sign which has all the appearances of a ransom letter.  There is a market out there for these signs.

I must say though for the most part the dog owners in our little community are pretty good about picking up their dog's duty from people's yards.  This is a practice that makes my wife cringe from the thought - reaching down with hand in plastic bag picking up a moist steamy loaf of dog poop.  Our front yard has no grass to trigger a dog's bowel responses so we're spared the occasional miscreant that this homeowner obviously has had issues with in the past.  But what we have observed is the dog walker dropping off their prize filled baggy into our trash can on trash day.  Foul!  I painted a message on the lid of our trash can - "No Dog Poop Bags Please".   
Problem solved...so far.


  1. The poop of a cat is much "nicer" indeed. At least they use their own toilet.

  2. 'all the appearances of a ransom letter'. ha ha ha! so true!

  3. But....the litter box still needs the occasional scrubbing, a chore I must say I detest as much as I hated picking up dog poop in the yard. At least the dogs' poop (and odors) were outside, though I had to attend to it more frequently. No clear winners, in my opinion. Get a fish, maybe? ;)

  4. Must have some lazy neighbors.

  5. Ha! I saw a similar sign in my parent's neighborhood last month - something along the lines of : If your dog craps in my yard, give me your address so I can ride my horse over and crap in yours..."

  6. When elder daughter was almost 2, and starting into potty training, I swore that I would always pick up after my dog, even beofre I even thought I would have a dog!! It was March, and all the winter's deposits were coming out of hiding...


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