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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Good Day at the Flea Market

Well they are all good, this one was just a wee bit gooder.

First was this which instantly came to mind was a scene from the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil.
A great movie and a favorite of mine.

The scene, enough to give you nightmares and I'll not go into detail.

Guys like to ride their old bicycles to the flea market, stand around and gab about their passion.
This one here was new upon the scene.  Polished rust and bare metal seat. I love it.

This gentleman's wife makes these tea cup and saucer bird feeders.
What a clever idea I thought.

I rarely ever buy anything.  I just enjoy browsing around and the characters there are entertaining.  I saw this 8x10 photo in a frame and loved it.  The seller was on his cellphone sitting on the tailgate of his truck.  I held up the picture frame.  He held up 3 fingers.  I stepped aside and fished into my pocket for my money.  By now he was off the phone and finishing up with another customer.  I handed him a 5 dollar bill.  He gave me back 3 dollars (???).  I thanked him and walked away happy with my purchase.

At home I removed the photo from the frame hoping there was a date and maybe who and where this was but it was blank.  I mounted it on a mat and took the photo below.

After I had it framed I realized I had mounted the photo to low and cut off her boots.  I fixed it but forgot to take another picture.  This one below is in the frame behind glass and not as sharp as above but wanted you to see her boots and the scene, plus how cropping out the bright glare of the tin roof helped the overall image.

Oh how I would love to know the story behind this photo.


EG CameraGirl said...

I really like that polished rust bike. Cool!

Carole M. said...

I know you were wrapped in your photo in a frame John, but I couldn't get past anyone riding the bike without a padded seat. Hope they didn't have to go too far; that could be quite painful!

biebkriebels said...

You saw some interesting pieces at the fleamarket. I did the same as you once in France and bought a photo of an eldery woman in a oval frame. I hung it in my work room and it feels she is a family member now.

theconstantwalker said...

The cup and saucer bird feeders look fantastic... nice idea

TexWisGirl said...

really cool photo! and for $2!

i've seen those teacup and saucer feeders before. here they'd get broken in the texas wind.

love the saddlebags on the bike.

s.c said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and I must admit that Biebkriebels keeps me update on your travels with sinbad. I like your travels and what you see also so I put myself on your list now.

Reena said...

I love flea markets!!! And that is a very intriguing photo! Great find!

Sharon M said...

I love flea markets too. The photo is interesting. I'm always curious as to why a personal/family photo winds up in a flea market or an antique store.

Red said...

What a bargain! What a photo! and the story would be fascinating.

genie said...

What a great idea for bird feeders. Very clever and very pretty. Love the old bike, too. It's pretty special. BUT that old picture....it is fabulous. So glad you are enjoying it and it has a good home. genie