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Friday, March 22, 2013

A Good Kind of Voodoo?

From this week's Crime Watch section of my local small town newspaper:
A resident in the 800 block of Madrone called to report hearing sounds up in the attic and wall.  The caller said they knew who was making the noise, and said this person was using voodoo on her.  The caller also said the suspect had engraved smiley faces on some personal property.

I need to remember this if I think I am hearing strange sounds in the house,
start looking for smiley faces.
If I find any, voodoo might be involved.


  1. Indeed. Beware the engraved faces especially if they have an uncanny resemblance to yourself!

  2. These ones would scare me to see them on the wall at home.

  3. hmmmmm need to call ghostbusters.


  4. well, i just get plain old mice in the walls - and they don't leave smiley faces behind, either...


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