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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Always By My Side

My post the other day talked about the new Camera+ app for my iPhone.  I transferred the app to my iPad also.  Now I feel I must clarify these iGadgets I have.  I don't buy these things.  I inherit (the iPhone) or receive them as a gift (the iPad) from my wife because 1. she is into all the techie gadgets; I am not, and 2. I am too cheap to buy any of these gadgets myself.  Now moving on, I thought I would try the Camera+ which is on the iPad.  Sinbad as always is lying by my side in my chair with me.  With the iPad resting on my leg and his head only a few inches away, these are the results.

Straight out of the iPad

A second photo using the "clarity" adjustment in the Camera+ app then straight out of the iPad

Notice the fabric of the chair cushion is somewhat lighter than the first photo.  With this camera app you touch the screen image that you are going to take a photo of.  Doesn't matter phone or pad, it is still the same.  A red outline square for 'focus' appears with a + in the upper right corner.  Tap on the + and a circle for 'exposure' will appear within the square.  Now drag the circle out and place it anywhere on the image and see how the entire image will darken or lighten depending on what dark or light spot you rest the circle upon.  You are adjusting for exposure and seeing instantly how the yet-to-be snapped photo will appear.  In the above photo I dragged the exposure circle onto Sinbad's face somewhere to pick up the highlights in his fur. That is so cool.  The same happens with the focusing square.  Wherever you drag it, that becomes your focusing point.  Pretty sharp. eh?

And better still, when you tap on 'edit' for the picture you just took, along with 'clarity' is auto (the program adjusts automatically), flash, backlit, darken, cloudy, shade, fluorescent, sunset, night, portrait, beach, scenery, concert, food, and text (which I have yet to play with).  The program will adjust your photo for any of these conditions under which the picture was taken.  Very nice.  There are 9 cropping options including free form,  27 special effects choices (weird stuff that doesn't do anything for me) and 18 different borders including vignetting which is a feature I like only it doesn't allow you to control the amount of vignette.  I have my photoshop program that can do that for me.  All of these edits are easy to do and see the instant result and undo by a simple tap.  This is why I like this camera app over the others I have tried out.
For 99 cents, you can't go wrong. 

Do click on the word "post" up top if you missed the first outdoor pictures done with this Camera+ app.


  1. I really prefer the unadulterated version of Sinbad, much more natural/soft, which I'm sure he is. Sounds like the 'I's have it!

  2. Awww Sinbad looks so cute. I have to admit that I have Camera+ but I haven't tried it out much yet. I must get on that.

  3. Wow that is so cool John. Hmmm an ipad for my birthday.


  4. Wow that is sure a close up.


  5. certainly glad you're getting your use out of both apple products. :) and i love your sidekick...

  6. Love this close-up of Sinbad. Intensive sleep, but not sure which one I prefer. These tech toys can take on a life of their own alright. So far I've held off any temptation to take a bite out of that Apple. You've been seduced John. Shame on you. :)
    Happy day to you and Sinbad. You're each blessed to have the other.

  7. I downloaded the camera+ and am enjoying playing with it. Thanks again for sharing

  8. I have to say that the images I get from my phone and my (always present) point and shot make me wonder why I spent so much money on my DSLR!

    My bats is a fruit bat - so it is big - but we have the little ones as well, its just that I know my limitations!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. What a sweet pictures of Sindbad.


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