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Monday, March 25, 2013

Flea Market Find From the Past

I have not seen one of these for decades.  In fact I had forgotten all about them.  The last time I saw one in use was when I was a young boy.  I've tried to recall where it may have been but could not with any assurance.  Most likely it was at a repair shop or shoe repair store. 

It is a register or till if you prefer.  Notice the hand crank in the shadow to the left.  You turn it and a receipt would roll into place where the blue square is on top.  That blue is carbon paper.  The receipt on top usually was yellow and the store owner would write out what you purchased or the service he performed on the yellow receipt.  He would rip off the yellow original which was for the customer and his copy (usually white paper) made by the carbon paper would roll up within the machine as he cranked up a new receipt for the next customer.  At the end of the day he'd unlock the top and remove his copies of the day's transactions.

Now how many of you were familiar with these machines?


  1. In the fifties they where also used in the netherlands. I love the way how the front design reminds me of the entrance of a theatre from the thirties.

  2. Thats a new machine for me - but I still remember the ones that had a bell ring from shops as a kid! Oh nostalgia!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. wow. that's one i've not seen before.

  4. I like you, had completely forgotten about them. they were very common at one time. It would be interesting to know who was the last to use one. I didn't know how they worked so thanks for the research and telling us about this till.

  5. An image of the past indeed ;-)
    Very nice!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  6. Well that is a "new" one for me.

  7. I've never seen one, but sounds like a very ingenious device.

  8. I'm not putting my hand up for this one but I am always amused by 'the old' vs 'the new'. We have home deliveries made and the driver will just hand over his little plastic transaction gadget and stylus for you to leave an electronic signature to acknowledge receipt of etc. Amazing technology and becoming as minute as can be

  9. I have never seen one of these before. Very interesting.

  10. I knew what it was right away. As a young person I worked in a store that had one. In this store people could buy for cash, or charge an item (no credit card needed)or pay installments on a purchase, when the day ended you would remove all the slips, balance the books and bind the recipts. Worked fine until someone forgot to write something down!



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