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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Somewhere in South Dakota

I had been sitting on these sunflower photos for months, ever since I made them last August.  The problem was I shot so many pictures of them it boggled my mind as to which ones to use.

My wife and I can go out and take pictures together and it is not uncommon for her to come home with hundreds of images.  Me?  Maybe a couple of a dozen.  Selective photography I call it.

Here the sun was behind the sunflower and the yellows were dull.  So...change it to a black and white.  It helped the photo but not to the extent I would make a print and hang it on the wall.

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  1. I like them all, they look so funny all together almost like faces watching you.

  2. Oh my goodness, I've never seen so many! Yellow and blue... such a great combination.

  3. Love the second one John. I tend to take lots of pics and weed them out later.


  4. lovely!

    (speaking of, where's your wife been lately?)

  5. Great find. I remember seeing huge fields out near Winters many years ago. What a fun sighting.

  6. oh wow! these are awesome. I love the second shot, field of sunflowers. I would love to see that. sunflowers are such a cool flower.

  7. That are absolutely wonderful.

  8. OMG, that second photo I would LOVE to hang on my wall. Gorgeous images. Really.
    "Hopping" by from the Weekly Top Shot.

    a "new" Jersey Girl


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