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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trailer Trash Tuesday

Commerce, Oklahoma

This trailer does not qualify as "Trailer Trash" to me.  I was in Commerce for a different reason,  the old gas station and this trailer happened to be there.  While taking photos a lady stopped by to see the trailer.  She had come all the way from out of state on a tip from a friend who had seen the trailer sitting, neglected.  It was just what she was looking for but as it had no for sale signs or any means to contact the owner, she resigned herself to the fact it was unavailable and drove off for home.
Someday it will have a new owner I hope who will put it back to use on the road.
What a cutie.

This is the last of my trailers found from the Great Plains Tour last year.  I feel confident that our upcoming tour through the southern states will provide many more Trailer Trash photo opportunities.  So many more that I might need a bigger gigabyte card for my camera!


Stewart M said...

It is a good looking thing - the curves speak of a certain vintage!

I dont think I'd want to be trapped on my island for too long! A day will do.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

biebkriebels said...

When I hear the word trailertrash I always think of people who have lived there and now are suddenly famous. That is my connection with the word, never think about the trailer self. But that is what it means of course.

Carole M. said...

if that lady was so keen I'd have left a calling card with please contact me .....it's from the 50's maybe?

Sharon M said...

It is cute. I'd take it.

TexWisGirl said...

cute little tin can.

ClickNCamera said...

Ahh the home of Mickey Mantel, not the trailer but Commerce, OK, cool! Cute trailer, don't see them that small very often ...Enjoy your day!

Red said...

This looks like a 1950's that has had many additions and alterations. I really like your trailer trash posts.