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Sunday, March 10, 2013


State signs greeting you upon crossing the border.  As you can see, welcoming the traveler to their state is not a big item in the state's budget for some.  Done on the fly.  

Somehow I missed South Dakota.  Maybe they didn't have a sign, I don't remember.

Minnesota really likes you.

Notice someone wrote "Hello!" on the sign

Arkansas snuck up on me as it was somewhat away from the actual border line and I had just about given up when all of a sudden...

Same for Oklahoma

It will be interesting to see what the Southern States have to offer.


  1. there's a unique post; I wouldn't have thought about pulling up for the welcome signs ...nice.

  2. Interesting comparisons. Do States welcome visitors or do they just feel obliged to let you know when you are crossing the State line?

  3. Funny to see all the different signs. I noticed them in the US indeed and made pictures of some too.

  4. A wonderful post John... what mileage was involved getting those shots?

  5. HI John...Welcome to Maine the way life should be, that's what you'll see coming into Maine...hmmm I not so sure of that the way things are going here!! ; )
    Welcome said an portrayed in many ways..that was a short trip!!

  6. I really like the Missouri sign. It blows all the others away. For some of them you would have to wonder what people were thinking when the chose them. These signs are certainly things we watch for. I'll be watching for more from you.

  7. nice to see them all together. :)

  8. We Okies are kinda proud of Will Rogers but not so much our roads, they suck! You can always tell when you cross the boarder, that's for sure...great post!

  9. What a neat set of photos! Great idea!

  10. For awhile, the signs entering New Jersey all said, "Welcome to New Jersey. Wipers on, Lights on."

    Obviously directing the newcomers to our law about having to put your lights on when it's raining.

    Needless to say, the population complained. Now they signs just say, "Welcome to New Jersey."

  11. We want our state to change the spelling from October through May to Minniesnowda, we stay cold and snowy too long!

    Jo in Minniesnowda


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