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Friday, April 5, 2013

A Fine Day

 The morning skies were heavy with clouds, everything was wet but the rain had stopped.  I celebrated with the free complimentary breakfast the Best Western Motel was serving – scrambled eggs (memories of the Navy came to mind), bacon of an indescribable make-up so I’ll not try to describe them, sausage, leathery waffles and pancakes that you peeled apart like layers of lunch meat, a gut-plugger biscuit that needed a good slathering of strawberry jam to ease it down the gullet followed by a not too bad cup of coffee.  But the price was right.

Warwick, Oklahoma

This is Seaba Station built by John Seaba in 1921 as a DX gas station on old Route 66.

It is now used to house a private motorcycle collection

Rows and rows of highly desirable motorcycles along with many competition bikes of my time.

I had one just like this when I used to race in the desert in the early 70’s  *sigh* 

Ladies, you would have got bored.  I went around three times.  So for you ladies, here is an Oklahoma rest stop welcome center.  These are over the top nice. 

California should be ashamed with their rest stops.  But they are not so I will be.


s.c said...

Nice little reportage of a stop on your journey. The breakfast looks like the cholesterol bomb it is without doubt but the museum is a little gem. As an old motor owner myself ( mostly honda's for work-home purposes) I can understand why you did the tour 3 times. And just a rest stop like that is something we could also use here in the netherlands. Thanks for the info.

biebkriebels said...

That breakfast was your meal for the rest of the day I suppose? I am not so fond of motors, I only was in the backseat with SC and didn't like it so much. Apart from the romantic arms around him to prevent myself of falling of ha,ha.

Janie said...

Uh Oh! Motorcycle Museum. Could be a dangerous thought with you being on the road. Are you looking for another?

Seems you are really enjoying your road trip.

TexWisGirl said...

yup, i'd have been bored. :)

Toc said...

I've had that same breakfast! And yes, California should be embarrassed by their rest stops.

Red said...

I think I've had a few of those breakfasts. My friend calls them colon pluggers!

grammie g said...

Hi John...I love your tour guide to American's side stops and highways!!
I did think that biscuit looked good until you started to describe it, but there again I am hungry right
now : )!
Your never boring with your tourism!!
I do wish there was a like button on blog sometimes ..I would like to give Red's comment a like : )

Randy said...

Cool bikes.

Janie said...

BTW: my friend Jim read your blog, he LOVED IT. Wished he could of went with you for this museum.

Pam said...

Actually, this lady wishes you would've taken a closer shot of those pumps out front of the museum, they look like they might have been beauties! Sometimes old mechanical stuff can be like art, especially in the right light, right? Glad you're enjoying your trip!

Sandy's witterings said...

Balance breakfast reporting there - grumbles about food do have to allow for the price and it does illustrate the American biscuit for me (one of the great two-nations-separated-by-a-common-language areas)