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Monday, April 22, 2013

Always Go Into Town

Trenton, Tennessee

Continuing along with the theme of yesterday regarding driving in Tennessee, consider the speed limit upon entering Trenton.

I was suppose to turn and follow a highway to my next point of interest and decided at the last moment to go on into town just to see what there was to see.  I learned this on the Great Plains Tour - always check out the town before continuing on.  Boy, am I glad I went into this one.  It was Sunday and not a soul was around.  There was a round-about the Gibson County Courthouse and what a beauty it was.  It almost makes a feller want to get in trouble with the law just to go to court in this building.

On the corner was a nice monument to the Confederate Soldiers of the area.

I also found one of the most fantastic murals I have ever seen, but that one will have to wait until I get back home and can once again participate in Monday Mural.

Then walking around I discovered this.  How cool is that?

A few miles down the road I found us entering Crockett County and I got to wondering Maybe Davy's birthplace is around here.  I pulled over, got online, researched it out and learned he was born in Greene County on the other end of the State!  Oh well, all of Tennessee is wonderful country especially this southwestern portion we're in now.  If you ever drive through this area, be prepared to wave at everyone you see because they'll be waving at you.


Carole M. said...

Davy Crockett, he with the foxtail hat? Nice pics again John, glad you went off the highway for a bit ...seems it's a good opportunity to find something different to the norm tucked away in there

s.c said...

Another gem in your continuing travel story.

biebkriebels said...

A nice story, the court looks like a Disney castle and I can see you waving to all the friendly people.

TexWisGirl said...

31? how goofy!

LOVE that courthouse - almost looks like a dollhouse!

Janie said...

Great courthouse and Crockett scupture. I'm still puzzling over the 31 MPH speed limit!

Red said...

Now the speed limit really amazes me. 31! Wow! right on the nose 31. Now 31 mph or what? I wonder why 31? that must have been a negotiated number .

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

31mph will be handy if you should ever go metric as it converts to 50 Kph. Mind you I was told that we would be going in the UK "soon" - that was when I was at school in 1964, we still haven't taken the plunge! I have heard a theory that a 30mph limit should change to 29mph so that motorists realise that they are supposed to drive at below 30, rather than the usual understanding that anywhere between 30 and 39 is acceptable - well, it might work!

Randy said...

Nice photos.

Pam said...

Perhaps the speed is 31 in order to catch drivers' attention more easily in the hopes that they actually slow down. Caught yours, and ours too!