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Saturday, April 13, 2013


We visited the Andersonville National Historic Site in Georgia.  This is one of the Confederate Army prison camps for the Union soldiers they captured.  Well the historic site's museum was devoted to all American prisoners of all wars.  Not just the Civil War but both World Wars, Korean and Vietnam.  I wasn’t ready for that!  I went through it fairly fast.  Just the Civil War and Andersonville was more than I could handle.  I was going to buy a book about Andersonville in their shop but they all were too depressing.  Just the photos alone bummed me out.  Do I really want to read this?  We drove through the Andersonville National Cemetery.  If I thought all those headstones from the little cemetery in Enterprise, Alabama was a lot, oh boy!  And I thought someday I would go to Gettysburg.

So instead of showing you a field of solid white, all marble headstones, I thought I would show my first Georgia swamp.  I don’t know if this is a true swamp or not but it was good enough for me to pull over and take some pictures.  The South continues to impress me with its beauty everyday. 

I'm going to try to stay away from Civil War Cemeteries for the rest of the trip.


  1. Very impressive...

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  2. Very nice photo of a swamp. I can imagine you stay away from the war memorials. The older you get the more you see the madness of all that fighting. We have been to Normandy in France at all the museums and beaches and at one point decided we are on holiday and stop with the battlefields.Have a nice (happy)trip.

  3. i'd have to agree with you. just overwhelming to think about.

    that's a beautiful photo. i'm really glad you're enjoying this trip - even with a few weather hazards.

  4. I had the same feeling at Arlington national Cemetery. It was beautiful and full of history but depressing that so many lives were lost.

  5. love the photo - it expresses the beauty and flavor, if you will, of the area. this reminds me of a movie I watched the other night - Beasts of the Southern Wild. It's towards the top of my list of faves, I think you might enjoy it too - takes place in the bayou and the main character is a delightful, imaginative little girl. So what does Sinbad think of the South so far? Stay safe.

  6. Let me join Ms.Becky in recommending Beasts of the Southern Wild. An exceptional movie about a certain southern lifestyle.

    When I watched the news last night and saw all the tornados, I thought of you and Sinbad!

    Jo in Minnisnowda

  7. Went to college and grad school i Atlanta and have been there..and yes, it is sososo depressing. I am glad you chose the swamp. It is far more uplifting. At least we can say we have been there and just let it be, genie

  8. I really want to visit the south... your swamp photo reminded me it's been on my to-do list for a long time!!

  9. Nature in all its beauty. Thanks for showing.

  10. They are so very sad to see but part of our history and I'm so thankful for everyone that fought.

    Yeah that looks like a true swamp pic cept not gator or snake.



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