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Friday, April 19, 2013

Another Motorcycle Museum?!!!

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Wheels Through Time

This man had a collection of collections.  Most were Harley Davidsons from 1903 on.  Some so rare that no documentation exists.  The best part is 99% of them run.

This is just a small part of over 300 machines.

Many were of this vintage.  So very rare.

Look at this beauty in his shop.  
He has several at a time in restoration and usually completes one a month.

Most though are left with their natural patina of rust, dirt and grime making them that much more valuable considering he has gone completely through the motor cleaning the insides and getting it back running.

He had several "shops" set up just as if you walked into a garage 70 or 80 years ago.

He even had a nice place for the all-too-soon bored wives to sit and relax, as long as you didn't mind the smell of an old service station garage and the occasionally firing up of a motorcycle with no muffler.

Here you go, ladies.  Here is a turtle from our last camp site.

Okay, no more motorcycle museums until I get to Kansas.  There's suppose to be another one there.

If you want to see more of Dale's collection go to 


biebkriebels said...

Being one of those wives, I still do like the photos you made. This man is a great collector with some very special items and an authentic looking garage. And he is a nice maen to create a nice corner for the wives.

s.c said...

I love these postings of you. Another gem hiding in the countryside of america.

TexWisGirl said...

that is really cool! i hope he has insurance out the kazoo!!!

Pam said...

You gotta do me a solid next time you're in one of these and get a shot of a good gas pump! That Texaco pump looks like a beauty.

Randy said...

What a fun museum. Nice turtle shot too.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I'm amazed the American Pickers guys haven't been here.