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Monday, April 29, 2013

Church for Sale

 Cord, Arkansas

Now you too can own your own church, never have to pay taxes again, and can put catchy little phrases on the sign out front like the one I saw today – “God Receives Kneemail”.

 It comes with history too.  That is a For Sale sign in front and those are Christmas lights hanging from the roof edge.

 It looked pretty good inside.  I found a sign laying in the grass and it appears the previous owner was using the church as an antique and gift store but like so many small businesses I've seen on the trip, they just couldn't make a go of it in these hard times.

 Now while you are working on it fixing it up and all, you can stay at one of Arkansas’s fine State Parks, and I mean that with all sincerity.  All their parks that I have stayed in are well cared for, clean and up to date.  Just wonderful.  And get these rates – last fall I paid $14.  Last night, $13.13 and today $10.13.  You will NOT be able to find a State Park in any other state with camping fees that low.  I get an out of state old person discount so do not know what the regular rate would be for a local.

Here is a charming little fix ‘er upper in Cord.  No for sale sign but still a neat old house in its day.


s.c said...

Looks like it is everywhere the same. Last saturday we were in a church in amsterdam. There was a outlet sale for designer clothing for 2 days and were just passing by.

Carole M. said...

certainly could make for interesting revamp John

TexWisGirl said...

glad you're liking arkansas! i think that old church would make a neat home.

Janie said...

That old church is very cool. If I had unlimited funds, I'd love to buy and renovate it. But, alas, I'm don't have the funds. I could try Knee-mail and see what it gets me...

Red said...

It's interesting that this is allowed to go into such disrepair. The guy must be still paying the taxes.

Randy said...

Looks like a few places that need some TLC.

Anonymous said...

unless that community is unusual it's the tax status of the property OWNER that determines whether the building would pay property taxes, not the nature of the building.

we currently own a former community school on which taxes are paid, and our son-in-law was recently offered an entire city block left vacant by the catholic church and school in the hopes that he would demolish it and sell it to developers -- and thus get the property back on the city tax rolls.

Seeing that roof in need of repairs gives me the shivers!

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