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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cool Times in the South

Elk Store, Arkansas
 Walnut Grove Freewill Baptist Church and Cemetery

This was an idyllic scene as we came over a rise in the road but I had someone on my tail and wasn’t even able to slow down for this picture.  Thus part of the window frame is in it.  To crop it out I’d loose some of the headstone markers.  And there are reflections from the glass plus a bug splat.

When you cross the state line into Missouri, there is no doubt about it.  Just look at the difference in the road condition.  This is looking back into Arkansas.

A few miles further just west of Myrtle, Missouri

I wasn’t looking forward to entering Missouri all that much because of the roads (I doubt there is a level road at all in the state – up and down, up and down) and places to stay are few compared to all the states we’ve been in the South.  I want to visit a nearby Civil War battlefield tomorrow and have to overnight at a Wal-Mart once again.

I learned from talking with a couple of ladies yesterday that I picked a good time to visit the South.  “It has been unseasonable cool for this time of the year.”  I thought it was always like this in March/April but they told me not so.  When I return next year at this time I may not be so fortunate and suffer with the humidity.


  1. super photos again John; the old derelict house made for a good one

  2. I agree with Carole M. I really like the second photo; didn't realize Missouri is so hilly. Those shacks seem to attract dead trees. I have relatives in Arkansas, have never been to visit them but perhaps it's time to consider it. The countryside looks so lovely (but the heat and humidity are a strong deterrent for me). Be safe.

  3. That is one thing I hate about the South, humidity. I like the winding road shot.

  4. the chapel scene is pretty, but those abandoned houses are looking a little poorly. Not too surprised Mississippi's roads are so bad, but I am surprised Arkansas's roads looks so good.

  5. Great pics John, bug splat and all. Alot of times you can tell even on an interstate when you enter another state just by the road.


  6. we've definitely had many cool fronts move thru in april that are not normal. i've enjoyed the delayed onset of full-on summer!

    love the old homesteads.

  7. That is a big difference between the states with their roads. Remarkable.


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