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Friday, April 12, 2013

I Want One!

Dothan, Alabama

We had to try and out maneuver a severe thunderstorm threat that was moving into the Alabama area.  Doing so pushed us into the southeast corner of Alabama and so far we've succeeded.  I was mainly concerned about the golf ball size hail they said was possible.  So we will weather out the storm (if it arrives) here in a casino parking lot.  That is all there was available for camping besides Wal-Mart and this is much quieter.  The people here in the South have all been so nice, friendly and helpful.  Everything about the South has been wonderful.  The country is beautiful.

I've seen several cars like this in the last couple of states, 
but this one here because of the color deserved its photo taken.  


  1. What a strange car this is, the colour, the wheels, a girly one.

  2. Weathering a thunder storm in a motor home would be pretty unnerving let alone the damage you would experience. Interesting how you can camp in parking lots.

  3. tough looking car and then 'hello kitty'. ha ha!

  4. Doesn't fit the image I had of you - or of Alabama.

  5. If it weren't for the Hello Kitty, it would be a great pimpmobile, wouldn't it?


  6. pretty in pink as they say. If you bought it John, I think you best slide off the Hello Kitty logo hey?

  7. You and Sinbad need a car like this John. LOL. Probably belongs to a hulking big tough guy...not.


  8. A muscle car with a Hello Kitty logo is a contradiction in concepts. The hot pink doesn't help either.


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