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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jack Daniel's

Lynchburg, Tennessee

We were going nowhere special so when I saw a sign showing the Jack Daniel whiskey distillery 18 miles north, I figured Why not?  I don't drink the stuff but being so close I ought to at least take it look.  It is a lot like checking out the small town downtown area even if you are not going that way.  You never know what you will find.

Incidentally, these are all iPhone photos.  It was a very nice place in a wonderful setting.

Here's the product.

Now they give tours and I was considering it on the drive in but I changed my mind once I was in there for several reasons.  1. A tour bus just pulled in. Bad timing.  2. It was an hour and forty five minutes long.  That is too long to be with a tour bus crowd. (5 minutes is too long!) 3. The next tour would be a hour later.  4. It cost $12 and if I were into whiskey drinking then okay, but I don't drink.  5. Just really wasn't that interested.

Soon after the tour left the tour guide came back and was talking to the coordinator.  There evidently were some problems early on.  I over heard her say in her smooth southern drawl that there was one individual with a walker and several with canes and this was going to hamper the pace of the tour.  I believe she was asking the coordinator if she would call Billy Bob in to help out or at least take the stragglers off her hands.  Well just by accident I happened to capture the walker guy in the background of this shot.  I knew I made the right choice by not doing the tour, but bless the old guy's heart for wanting to go for it.

I did read a bit inside I thought interesting.  It seems that Jack when he was a young lad was interested in distilling and used to hang out with a preacher who made whisky.  He learned from him the process and then one day the preacher's wife said he had to make a choice - preach the word of God or make whiskey. "You can't do both".  He chose God and sold his still to young 13 year old Jack.  Jack moved the still to nearby Cave Springs to use that water, refined the process and the rest is history.

Back to the parking lot for lunch.

I drove on over to neighboring Lynchburg and made a loop around the plaza.  My Tourist Trap Meter went biszerk on me and I immediately left town.  But I did get this on the fly as I was leaving.


Stewart M said...

I went round a few of these places in Scotland - and unlike you, I dont mind a drop of the product - but just how many "completely unique" distilleries making the "best whiskey" in the world can there be??

Tourist trap indeed!


Stewart M - Melbourne

Pam said...

You took my hint on the pumps! If you see one of those giant ones with the big globe on top don't forget to snap a shot. I'll be keeping my eyes out when we start traveling again soon because I'm betting it would make a good subject if the lighting were right. Love the old peeling paint on the concrete in this shot.

Lighthousegal said...

Sounds like you made a good decision on the tour, but you have to admire the gentleman with the walker for not letting his disability or condition stop him from doing what he wants to do.
Looks like you are finding some interesting things along your scenic drive through Tennessee.
As always, I have enjoyed seeing these sites through your eyes and photos!! Enjoy your travels through the South. I hope with every stop that you find tons of Southern Hospitality and a big 'ol glass of Sweet Tea!!!

TexWisGirl said...

handed down from a man of god. pretty cool!

TexWisGirl said...

handed down from a man of god. pretty cool!

s.c said...

Never had a Jack Daniels wiskey, only the ones without an e. Must try sometimes.

biebkriebels said...

I like those old pumps with the globe on top! I have once visited a whiskey brewery in Scotland, I liked to watch the production...., but I don't drink the stuff, too strong for me.

Red said...

You are having an amazing tour. I feel the same about tour buses and most guided tours. there's usually something else i wan to know rather than what they are chattering about.

Fun60 said...

Sensible move avoiding the tour group. Didn't realise the whiskey had the hand of God as its guide.

Carole M. said...

interesting post. One decision in life can change the rest of it, whether it's the right one or not. Lucky you, you had a great getaway parked outside, ready for the next installment of your fascinating journey

Randy said...

Love that barrel!

Jo's World said...

Sharing your feelings about Tours,
and any minutes is too long!

Jo in MN